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  • Chess Pieces: Jada Nano Action Figures. DC Heroes vs Marvel Heroes. Nightwing Pawns vs Hulk Pawns. CAMchess.com Chessmen.

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    - Jada Nano MetalFigs -

    DC Heroes vs Marvel Heroes


    Superman as King vs Spider-Man as King

    Chess Pieces




    - DC Heroes -

    1 Queen (Wonder Woman)

    1 King (Superman)

    2 Bishop (Martian Manhunter)

    2 Knight (Batman)

    2 Rook (Element Man)

    8 Pawn (Nightwing)


    - Marvel Heroes -

    1 Queen (Captain Marvel)

    1 King (Spider-Man)

    2 Bishop (Star-Lord)

    2 Knight (Vision)

    2 Rook (Rocket Racoon)

    8 Pawn (Hulk)


    n.h. 1.65"

    Free Shipping

    - 32 Nano Chess Game Pieces only -

    - Superhero Chess Match -

    Choose which Superhero will be

    your Bishop, Knight or Rook.


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