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    Custom Western Great Room Furniture

    Belmont Playa Garden Chair

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    Colorado  River  Willow  Furniture

    Handcrafted  Pool  and  Patio  Furniture  by  FancyWillow

    FancyWillow offers the finest selection of beautifully Handcrafted Pool and Patio Furniture.  We produce naturally hearty and aesthetically pleasing garden treasure furniture.  Such as:  chairs, tables, loveseats, chaise lounges, arbors, umbrellas, consoles, headboards, saddle rests, picture frames, fences, doors, ramadas, pavilions, display furnishings, children furniture and toys made of rustic river willow.

    Our sturdy and rugged handmade resort furniture; yields a great casual appeal to any country décor for your:  porch, veranda, deck, great room, garden, cabana, swimming pool, patio, clubhouse, lodge, landscaping, cabin, cottage, lake, beach, resort or western living.

    We are located along the Lower Colorado River Valley and we practice selective harvesting of wild growing willow trees.  From the initial sapling cut to the final nailing of each piece; skill of considerable virtuosity and humming detail is required to complete our unique cabin furniture.

    We have created many of our own designs of handmade backyard furniture for your Laid Back LifeOur brand of Colorado River Willow Furniture is available for your leisure living lifestyle.

    Customers appreciate the durability and the beach furniture look of our cottage furniture that may last a lifetime.  Assembly is required for your pool and patio furniture.  We welcome custom furniture and wholesale furniture orders.

    Willow garden furniturealso known as bentwood or twig furniture has been made for centuries and possibly dates to Ancient China.  Wicker furniture also has a long history that spans nearly 5,000 years.  The word wicker is of Scandinavian descent and originates from the word wika which means “to bend” and vikker which implies willow or wood furniture.

    Take a $250 discount off every purchase of $3000 or more of outdoor furniture; use coupon code Ranch Furniture upon check-out of your western furniture.

    We are happy to answer any questions about your mountain furniture needs?  Like us on Facebook.

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